Reporter Gets Completely Torched On Live TV By Young Kid At A Fireworks Store

Who knew that ‘weather boy’ could be such an effective put down on live TV? I didn’t. But I also lack the imagination of a pre-teen boy. Sure, I’ll still laugh my ass off at a good ‘your mom’ or ’69’ joke but that just makes me a guy.

This segment took place on Atlanta’s FOX 5 news, and it appears that it was actually scripted. I’m totally okay with this because it means the kid likely isn’t a total asshole and actually has some comedic chops. I say that it appears to be scripted because according to this tweet, the kid in the segment is actually the reporter’s son. It’s also a bit savage for a local Atlanta FOX 5 news reporter to be repping that Pats on social media after the devastating Super Bowl loss but as a Bucs fan, I’m totally okay with that.

In other news, I hope you bros are stocking up on fireworks this weekend for the 4th of July on Tuesday. And if you have a dog, be sure to bundle that little pupper up and close the blinds to protect them from the maelstrom of terror that will take place in the skies on Tuesday night…Dogs hate fireworks, and more dogs run away on the 4th of July than any other day of the year. Just be careful out there. (h/t r/videos)

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