This Guy’s Cringe-Inducing Story About Accidentally Flipping Off His CEO Is My Daily Fear Come To Life

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This TIFU tale is my daily fear come to life but before I go all “ME! ME! ME!” I’ll let this young fella set up the scenario.

Literally happened a couple of minutes ago.. Just got in the office wow. On my way to work, there was a freaking car on the left lane that was driving so slow and for some reason, when I tried to change lane, the car either sped up or CHANGED freaking lanes to the right… After a couple of minutes of that, I got pretty pissed and lost it.. I sped up, around 85mph, caught up with the car and said, “F*** you”, giving the finger… BIG MISTAKE. Little did I know, it was the CEO of the company.. My heart sank and I’m pretty sure I wanted to die right in that moment or even get into a car accident so I don’t have to come to work. We both got to work at the same time and he said he wants to see me at his office at 10am today..

I’m terrified and really don’t know what to do.. Been working here for 5months, great benefits and great pay. Everyone here knows me as a super nice hard worker so I think the CEO was shocked.. Should I simply apologize and ask for forgiveness?

TL;DR Did not realize the CEO of the company took the same road as I did, got angry at his driving and gave him the finger and said “f*** you” only realizing that he’s the CEO of the company I work for… kill me

Man this hits so close to home except I’m not afraid to run into a boss or coworker. I’m afraid I’m going to cut off, flip off or kill a person involved in a different part of my life.

Backstory — I live in a small suburb and basically EVERYTHING in town is within a 5 mile radius. My kid’s school, the grocery store, the gym, the coffee shop etc. I mean it’s Mayberry around here. For that reason I’m constantly running into people in different situations like I’ll see my kid’s teacher at the gym or order coffee next to a nurse at my doctor’s office. My biggest fear is losing my shit — it happens often — with one of those people around. Just like this dude did in his road rage moment.

So what happened to him?

UPDATE So Just had a 30 minute meeting with the CEO of the company I work for. I apologized the moment I entered his door and he smiled! He has a son who’s about the same age as me (23) and gave me a life lesson. He was super nice but he said, “I did not expect that kind of behavior from you”. He mentioned nothing about firing but he gave me a long lecture on controlling my anger. Tbh, I feel weird because I revealed my other side to the CEO :/ I’m just going to work harder and hopefully, he’ll forget about this!

At least the CEO had a good sense of humor about the situation. Maybe deep down he knows he’s a shitty driver.

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