This Bro Wants To Make ‘Floral Friday’ A Thing At Every Office This Summer — How Do We Make That Happen?

Nothing is more comfortable than rocking a Hawaiian shirt on a hot summer day. The breezy, hairy-chested look of Magnum, P.I.-era Tom Selleck is all the rage with Bros around the country these days. That’s why we applaud this Bro’s effort to bring the Hawaiian shirt into the workplace in an attempt to redefine casual Fridays. Presenting the best 9-to-5 office tradition in the summer: Floral Friday:

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It’s the brainchild of Instagram’s @gdelpino007, a Hawaiian shirt enthusiast himself:

Take a seat, RompHims: How do we make this **the** summer trend for post-grad Bros across America in summer 2017? Because it’s pretty much the best idea ever. As you can see, my and my BFF Guy Fieri, president of Flavortown, very much support this:

Presented without commentary, a number of reasons why you’re not living your best life till you’re participating in Floral Friday this summer. All of these come from our friends over at Kenny Flowers, who are changing the game with super soft, premium Hawaiian shirts made in Bali: