38-Year-Old Floyd Mayweather Is Reportedly Now Dating A 19-Year-Old Girl He Met At A Meet-And-Greet

Floyd Mayweather has four kids, all ranging in age from 11 to 15 years old. Ramarni Ball is 19. According to simple math that there’s no way I messed up, that means Ramarni is four years older than Mayweather’s oldest child.

That…is rather gross. On multiple levels.

She’s almost old enough to be his child, let alone his girlfriend, according to a new report via Daily Mail. Mayweather made over $200,000,000 last year, whereas this chick, who’s supposedly a “budding singer,” probably made more like $50 assuming her parents are still giving her an allowance. As for how the two met…

According to the Daily Mirror, the couple met at a fan event at Bar Sport in Cannock on February 12, where she is understood to have paid £600 for a ticket to meet the sporting legend.

Photographs taken just hours later appear to show Miss Ball, who works in her local New Look store, sitting behind Mayweather in the back of a Rolls Royce as he leaves the venue.

It would seem the boxer was determined to get to know the aspiring singer better as just days later she jetted off to Amsterdam, where the star was continuing his European Victory Tour.

Now their romance is continuing to blossom on the other side of the Atlantic. Miss Ball has taken to her Instagram page share photos and videos of the couple in New York and Los Angeles with her 41,000 followers.(via)



Obviously this pairing is technically legal, but that doesn’t make it any less cringe-worthy – Mayweather can probably get nearly any girl he wants, but the chick he picks is 19? Someone’s got confidence issues.

Cue everyone going “She’s hot, who cares?”







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