This Is How You Fool Facebook Into Thinking You Haven’t Read A Message And Avoid That Annoying ‘Seen’ Status



Facebook messenger is one of the more useful, albeit annoying apps available. On one hand you don’t need someone’s phone number to be able to contact them quickly, but on another that means people you don’t want to talk to can message you and will know when you’ve read their message and just ignored them. Do you know how many messages I have in my inbox that I’ve left unopened so none of those people will seen I’ve read whatever they said? Four, and that’s four too many if you ask me.

Luckily, there’s a Chrome browser extension called “Facebook Unseen,” and it blocks Facebook from knowing when you’ve read a message, keeping that annoying “Seen at 15:03” tag from appearing at the bottom of messages. Additionally, it allows you to manually mark the messages as read if you just want a little extra time before responding.

Click HERE to download Facebook Unseen from the Chrome webstore.

The extension unfortunately only works on desktops, which means that if you read a message on your phone you’ll still get that annoying “Seen” tag…but hey, it’s a start, right?

[H/T Mirror]

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