Footage From Dead ISIS Fighter’s Headcam Shows ISIS Are A Bunch Of Scrubs With No F*cking Idea What They’re Doing

by 2 years ago

VICE News obtained footage taken from an ISIS fighter’s headcam during a skirmish with forces in northern Iraq, and while the fighter carrying the camera was shot and killed, the most notable aspect of the video is that no one has any fucking idea what they’re doing.

Watch the whole video. Watch it. Now, if I were to show you a picture of these two rockets:



Which would you say is meant for people, and which for armored vehicles? You’d say the first is for vehicles and the second is for people, because you are an intelligent human being with two functioning eyes and at least a semi-functioning brain. Yet how many times did we get to hear “No, the rocket for PEOPLE!” or “No, the other rocket!” or “WHERE IS THE ROCKET?” Jesus fucking Christ guys, either be more specific or pull your head out of your ass and look around you to see what the fuck you’re firing at.

Speaking of “WHERE IS THE ROCKET?”, look how messy this “vehicle” is:


You’d think that if you know in advance you’re going off to fight a battle, you’d at least organize your shit so you’re not scrambling around to find a rocket at the last minute, but LOLOLOL nope! Not these boobs. I’m 90% sure I heard “Where is the rocket?” “It’s behind the diet Pepsi can on the left!” at least twice in the background, which makes sense since there’s no way that “vehicle” is more than a half-filled dumpster on wheels.

While the Islamic State determines its portrayal in the media with an iron fist (i.e. their propaganda videos depict ISIS as a fun summer camp crossed with Call of Duty), it’s clear that reality couldn’t be further from the truth: these are just a bunch of scrubs with explosives.


[H/T VICE News]

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