New Footage From The ‘El Chapo’ Raid Shows That He Almost Escaped Authorities Yet AGAIN

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New footage from the most recent raid that ended with El Chapo in Mexican authorities’ custody shows that while the kingpin was able to escape the ensuing shootout, he was eventually apprehended in the city of Los Mochis. Chapo reportedly tunneled out of the building that authorities had tracked him, then stole a car in an attempt to flee the city. Via Gawker,

CNN aired almost 30 seconds of the purportedly hour-long video, which shows authorities exchanging gunfire with El Chapo’s soldiers before launching grenades into the house.

“Apparently he had a number of his hitmen receiving the Mexican soldiers while he was escaping through the back of the house. He got into the sewer system in the city of Los Mochis and was able to come to the surface and then he stole a car but was later detained and arrested by the Mexican federal police,” Rafael Romo explained Monday.

While El Chapo’s interview with Sean Penn is supposedly one of the main reasons the drug lord was caught, it appears that his two sons are picking up where their father left off — i.e. taunting the Mexican government with threats over Twitter.

[H/T Gawker / CNN]

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