Bro Who Got A ‘For The Laydeez’ Tattoo That Points To His Dick Is Having Regrets After Having A Daughter


Daily Mail

There’s a frustration most women have with men when it comes to how they relate to and understand the experience of women, and it stems from dudes having daughters, and their sudden realization that shit, the fucking things I did to women during my time as a dude were shitty and I don’t want some Bro to take advantage of my daughter in college the way I took advantage of all those ladies when I was in college.

It’s like, that’s nice and all that you finally understand, but it would be much better if your empathy could exist without your need for a personal experience you’re worried will negatively affect you and your family to make it so. You should have feelings and care for other people regardless of your own shit.

So I don’t feel to bad for Mark from Essex, who is the star of the new English television show Bodyshockers: Nips, Tucks and Tattoos .

When he was 21, he got a tattoo on his stomach that read “For The Laydeez,” with a big ol’ arrow pointing to his dick.


Daily Mail

Because, you know, his dick was “For the Laydeez” and not the basic urinary functions he needs to survive. He told the Daily Mail that he wanted the tattoo to give him edge. When it came to fucking.

Because who wouldn’t scrump this brah.


He felt the tattoo would give him an edge when it came to attracting female attention – and remarkably he said it worked for a time.

‘We wanted to get as many women as we could. I thought this tattoo would make me a legend, the king amongst men, the don of all dons.


Now, though, that he has a daughter, he’s ashamed of it. Says his can’t take her swimming.

Because, you know, she’s a laydeez, and his dick is not for her, even though it clearly says on his stomach that, because she is a laydeez, his dick is for her.

What would she think when she got older? That there are terrible men out there who are only interested in her for her vagina? Heavens to Betsy, my daughter should not be exposed to such sin.

Hence why he’s now having laser therapy to get it removed.

The Channel 4 show followed him as he had the first treatment which he admitted was ‘as painful as hell’.

But he said he would continue to endure the sessions as after one treatment the tattoo already looked fainter.

‘Having it removed will boost my confidence,’ he said. ‘I will be able to go for a swim won’t worry about who is laughing at me and my family.’

And maybe, if he has a son, he’ll teach him from the get go to not be as dumb as he was. We can hope.

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