Fourth Grader Works ‘Hotline Bling’ Into Her Vocabulary Test And Is The Hero We Need, But Not The One We Deserve

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Vocab tests were my favorite part of elementary school — not because I’m a nerd (which is a lie, I’m lying, look at meeeee I’m lying!) but because they were easy points that inflated your grade to where you could be as dumb as a stick of deodorant and still pull a B+ if you scored at least a 60% on each test. And while I personally had fun using my word bank to get 100% after 100% after 100%, not everyone is a loser like me. Some kids get bored easily and need to express themselves creatively in order to stay focused. Other kids just can’t focus at all and wind up eating dirt “for fun” during recess.

And then you have the kids who manage to work “Hotline Bling” by Drake into their vocab tests:



According to the teacher:

“In the song Drake’s friend used to call and when Drake’s friend didn’t call back they would revoke each other.” According to the school system’s building vocabulary program, “revoke” technically means “to call back.” So yeah I guess one of my 4th graders actually found a way to incorporate Hotline Bling into her vocab test. Well played…

We’ve either got a little genius here or a future politician who knows her way around words. Either way, this kid’s definitely going places.

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