Red Fox Falls Into River, Comes Out Completely Frozen Inside Of An Ice Cube…This Pic Is Unreal

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Normally in this situation I’d title an article like this ‘Nature Is Metal….’, but this seems like one of those moments where it’s a good time to remind the world that we’re all just fleshy balls of stardust, floating on a planet, waiting to die.

This red fox found his demise at the bottom of the icy Danube River after falling in near Fridingen, Germany. There’s been a massive cold wave pounding Europe recently which has caused portions of the Danube to freeze. The fox fell into the Danube on January 9th, and emerged several days later looking like this…Completely encased in ice, looking like an ice cube:

via The Independent:

An extraordinary image has been captured showing a drowned fox encased in a block of ice after it fell into a frozen river, as bitterly cold temperatures sweep across Europe.
The nimal broke through thin ice on the River Danube near Fridingen on 9 January and was discovered four days later.
A member of the public used a saw to cut a cube around the wild animal.

I’ve always thought of foxes as being somewhat rare. I grew up in Florida and have still never seen a fox in my home state. I spend about a month of every year in upstate New York, up in the Adirondack Mountains, and I’ll see a handful of foxes each year if I go driving late at night. But they’ve proven to be pretty elusive creatures in my life…until last week.

Last week I was staying with a friend in Wimbledon on the outskirts of London and these fucking foxes are like raccoons. They’re everywhere, getting into trash, roaming the city streets, and acting like they own the goddamn city. Suddenly, it wasn’t such a majestic species to me after experiencing the ‘urban fox’ for my first time. We’d see them every night on our walk home from the pub, it was nuts.

Still, though, the phrase ‘clever as a fox’ holds some weight because they are intelligent creatures. So the fact that one would fall into the Danube and come out looking like an ice cube fit for an Old Fashioned is a helluva sight to see.

[h/t The Independent]

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