A Chicken Joint In D.C Is Giving Away Free Chicken At 4:20 In Honor Of Legalized Weed

The two greatest words in the English language are “legalized marijuana.”

The next two greatest words in the English language are “free chicken.”

If you are in D.C. right now, you will get to combine those four words into the best day of your life, for one of the tastiest chicken spots in D.C. is giving away free chicken at 4:20 in honor of legalized weed.

Nando’s PERi PERi makes a damn good bird, my favorite fries (get the PERi PERi fries) and amazing sauces. I think they have like ten different sauces. Some get SPICY. You could be eating it today for free.

We’d like to give you free chicken! On Thursday, February 26th, we’re putting on a #NandosDash for you at our four DC restaurants:

Between 4:20pm and 5:20pm, we’re giving away a 1/4 chicken, chicken sandwich, pita or wrap to each of our fans*, on a first-come-first-served basis. You have to eat-in though, so make sure you get your dash on as there’s a limited number of seats available (though we’ll try and accommodate as many of you as we can).

And yea, there’s a marijuana joke to be made.

If I was still in D.C., I would do this in a heartbeat. Then I’d probably smoke after, since work would be over by then. That sounds like a great life. Free chicken and legal weed and no work.

There are no sweeter smells.