BRO CALL: Is My Friend’s One Request For Strippers Weird Or Brilliant?

by 3 years ago

Bros, huddle up. I need your valued opinion.

So while you’re at your job teaching the future leaders of tomorrow or trying to turn around the economy or whatever it is you bros do, an intense discussion flared up in the BroBible chatroom about strippers.

You still reading? Of course you are.

The meat and potatoes of the discussion centered around one unique request my friend has for every stripper he’s interested in receiving a private dance from. We’ll call him Chad. I’ve heard Chad make this request everywhere from the esteemed Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas to a seedy, hole-in-the-wall joint in the suburbs of Boston where at least 60% of the strippers have less than 60% of their teeth and a minimum of two regrettable tattoos in places I wouldn’t let my doctor peek at.

His solicitation begins with him gesturing to his chosen stripper in a way he believes to be sexy and endearing.

What he thinks he looks like:

come here

What he actually looks like:

come here2

He’s not one for social graces but I’ve never seen him happier or more in his element with a fat stack of ones and a half-chub watching girls slide down a pole. Not even on his wedding day.

When the stripper approaches Chad out of intrigue or pity, he then leans in real close a softly whispers his request in her ear.

How he thinks this plays out:


How he really looks:


Victoria's Secret Model Lily Aldridge Dancing Around In A $2 Million Gold Bra
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