This Is What Happens When You Forget An Apostrophe

by 4 years ago


We’re not for or against car decals. We understand the idea and it’s your car so you can do whatever the hell you want to make the ride an extension of your own personality.

Just please, please spell check before sticking letters on your ride.

A friend of ours passed along the above photo. He snapped it while walking through the parking lot of a local shopping center. We think what this person was trying to say is “Shit’s Weak” and not tell the world his own shits are weak.

Who knows maybe the person does want to discuss his bowel movements? A car windshield seems like an odd spot to do it though. Unless he goes to a drive-thru doctor’s office. Maybe the rest of his medical history is on his back bumper.

[via MWAB]


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