Watch Furious Pete Devour A Chipotle Burrito In Just 30 Seconds

YouTuber Furious Pete is a Bro legend for his eating accomplishments: A few years ago he devoured six pounds of wings in four minutes, along with a nine-patty Wendy’s “T-Rex” burger, an entire bottle of cinnamon, and 24 hamburgers in 24 minutes. Two years ago he famously housed a Chipotle burrito in 19 seconds.

Announced cancer-free for the second time back in November, Pete recently got back in the eating challenge game on a recent YouTube vlob with PointlessBlog and Marcus Butler. Giving each a 1:15 head start, Pete demolished his Chipotle Burrito in just 30 seconds.

Skip ahead to the 5:00 mark in the video when the contest gets underway. Seeing someone crush a burrito that fast kind of makes me queasy, so excuse me while I escape to the bathroom for the next 20 minutes.

[H/T: Foodbeast]