Imprisoned Gangster Tells His Crew To Kidnap The Prosecutor That Put Him Away But They Grab Her Dad Instead

Rule #1 of Street Justice is to always surround yourself with a crew who you know would never screw you over. The minute you think one of your boys may be flipping on you or that you’re unable to trust them to never fail, you ice that fucker. You ice him right in his fucking throat. Cut him out of your crew like a doctor cuts a wart off of your big toe: Quickly and emotionlessly. Preferably with a numbing agent (read: Get your boys drunk.)

Otherwise, you’re going to end up like Kelvin Melton, a higher-up in the Bloods organization who ordered his crew to kidnap the prosecutor who put him behind bars but instead got the woman’s father after his boys fucked up.

Via Daily Mail:

“Kelvin Melton, 51, was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 2012 after he ordered a 19-year-old underling to kill his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Melton allegedly used a smuggled cell phone to plan the April 2014 kidnapping of Wake County Assistant District Attorney Colleen Janssen, who served as the prosecutor in the case.

But his crew botched the plan and went to the Wake Forest address of her father, Frank Janssen, and decided to kidnap him instead. Frank Janssen was driven to Atlanta and text messages were sent to his wife threatening that he would be killed unless she met demands that benefited Melton, according to the FBI. Those demands were not specified in court documents.

The messages included a photograph of him tied up in a chair along with a message: ‘Tomorrow we call you again and if you can not tell me where my things are at tomorrow i will start torchering (sp)’. Frank Janssen was rescued five days later after the FBI tracked cellphone traffic to Melton’s prison cell and authorities stormed an Atlanta apartment where Janssen was held.”

First of all, hilarious attempt to spell the ‘torturing’. You put their lackluster spelling together with their inability to read an address correctly and it’s no wonder that the crew got the wrong guy. It’s like that whole plotline from The Hangover where the Wolfpack is chasing down Doug but get the wrong one. Except these guys were looking for middle-aged woman and instead got an old man. That’s probably pretty par for the course for these guys, though. Heading out to shoot up a convenience store and end up turning a pizza parlor into a swiss cheese building. Go out looking for some punk who was stealing from their corner and end up putting a local preacher in a body bag. You can’t be a gangbanger if you can’t read the orders.

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