Here’s The Best Way To Get A Song Out Of Your Head And You Never Would Have Figured This Out On Your Own

by 5 years ago


So which stupid pop song is currently swimming around in your brain? Something from T. Swift? A Pitbull ditty? A Jason DeRulo joint? Any and all of those suck hard so here’s how to get them out of your head for good — or at least until you hear them again.

Luckily, a new study published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology has revealed an easy fix: Chew gum. Word is our auditory cortex—the area of the brain that processes auditory info—is triggered when we listen to tunes, so when we hear a catchy song again, our mind fills in the rest. Repeatedly.

According to researchers, chewing gum disrupts the whole broken record thing by interfering with the motor skills linked to speech—otherwise known as “articulatory motor programming.” Three experiments were conducted to test the theory, and in each participants were exposed to catchy songs while either chewing or not chewing gum.

The other option is taking the large wads of chewed gum and jamming them in your fucking ears whenever bad music is playing.

[via Ecosalon]