Dude Takes Ghost Pepper Challenge And Instantly Turns Into Weeping Baby Who Thinks He’s Dying…I LOL’d

“If it wasn’t so funny I’d feel badly laughing at this kid’s misery” — me and everyone else watching this video of a dude attempting and failing miserably at the Ghost Pepper Challenge. I’m not one to laugh at people in complete distress, crying their eyes out, and screaming like a ickle wickle baby…but this dude took the Ghost Pepper Challenge voluntarily, and didn’t even have milk on hand to alleviate the excruciating burn that EVERYONE KNOWS to be caused by the ghost pepper (one of the world’s hottest peppers). Instead he just bit right into that ghost pepper with his friends on hand to film, and then his life unraveled in seconds.

Tears streaming down his face. He was nothing more than a toddler who’d just accidentally touched the stove and chugged hot sauce at the same time and was screaming for his mommy. From the moment that ghost pepper unleashes the heat this kid has no control over his body or actions.

I have ZERO SYMPATHY for this kid attempting and failing the Ghost Pepper Challenge. Like I said before, he should’ve had milk on hand. He should also have worked his way up to this challenge, trying out some of the fieriest hot sauces on the market in preparation for the full on Ghost Pepper Challenge. Instead it looks like he went into the bathroom and dove into the deep end. Thankfully for us, this was filmed for the entire world to see. He’s now a cautionary tale for anyone out there thinking about attempting the Ghost Pepper Challenge.

Just look at that face and tell me the Ghost Pepper Challenge is something worth attempting: