Giant Hammerhead Hunting Blacktips Is The Best Shark Week Footage And You Won’t See It On TV

We’re about halfway through ‘Shark Week 2017’ on the Discovery Channel, and it’s been pretty lackluster so far. Over the past few years, Discovery Channel seems to think it can recycle 90% of its old ‘Shark Week’ content and think nobody will notice. Thankfully, Josh over at BlackTipH, the largest fishing channel on YouTube, is pumping out new Shark Week content and it’s better than anything we’re going to see on TV.

[protected-iframe id=”98105bcb17db7f738219b6485e4855be-97886205-55047561″ info=”” height=”491″ class=”apester-media”]

Using the BlacktipH 4K drone, Josh captured footage of Giant Hammerhead sharks hunting blacktip sharks in the shallow waters of Southeast Florida. This raw footage of an apex predator hunting other predators just feet away from the beach is infinitely better than watching bullshit CGI footage of a fake shark racing Michael Phelps.

Josh from BlacktipH knows a lot about catching sharks in south Florida (catch and release). He’s captured some of the most stunning blacktip shark fishing footage ever filmed. If you haven’t seen any of those insane fishing videos, I highly suggest checking these out:

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You can check out all of the BlacktipH videos over on the YouTube channel by following that link.