Even Dinosaurs Would Be Scared At The Sight Of This 700-Pound, 17-Foot-Long Sawfish Caught In Florida!!!

The sawfish is listed as a critically endangered species of fish and just seeing one in the wild is a once in a lifetime experience, catching one is almost unimaginable. They are caught from time to time here in Florida though (I don’t work out of the BroBible HQ in Manhattan, I’m down in Florida working from my couch). There was the sawfish caught on a Naples beach back in May that scared the ever living shit out of beachgoers when they saw the FRIGGIN’ SAW attached to its head, and now we’ve got this footage from the BlacktipH bros and this is BY FAR the rarest fish they’ve ever caught on their YouTube channel.

Before we keep going can we just stop for a second and recognize that it looks like he’s holding onto a fucking whale here?

If you’ve never seen a sawfish up close in an aquarium or mounted on a wall this is what their ‘saw’ bill looks like up close:

Did I mention that when left to live their lives they can grow up to 18-feet-long and weigh up to 700+ pounds?!? All while having a razor sharp saw attached to their goddamn heads?

These rare and majestic beasts would scare the tits off a dinosaur, and you can tell that they’re practically living dinosaurs just by looking at them. The sawfish was nearly fished to extinction because fishermen worldwide lusted after one of those ‘saws’ to mount in their homes and thus sawfish are now listed as critically endangered, and if you catch one you’re supposed to immediately report it to the FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission).

The dudes from BlacktipH fishing have been making all sorts of headlines in recent weeks and it’s great to see that their hard work on the water over the past few years is finally paying off. Earlier this week we brought you news that they’d landed a 300-pound-plus Goliath Grouper with Wilson Chandler of the Denver Nuggets and now they’re back with this 17-foot-long sawfish, pretty damn impressive. If you’re into fishing but not yet subscribed to BlacktipH on YouTube make sure you go give them a follow today!

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