A New Poll Finds In A Choice Between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, And The End Of Life On Earth, Voters Are Torn



This presidential election is shaping up to be a slugfest between two of the most intensely disliked people in all of America. People hate Hillary Clinton, and people hate Donald Trump.

But what if a third candidate entered the fray? One who has been lying dormant for 65 million years, but back in its heyday, pissed off just about every life form on the planet?

Would it poll just as well as these two?

Why yes, it would.

Public Policy Polling is the rare think tank with a sense of humor. Last year, when Deez Nuts entered the race, it was PPP who found he was initially very popular.

Now, they are back at it. They asked voters if they’d rather want Clinton, Trump, or a giant meteor to hit the Earth.

Clinton got 43%, Trump 38%, and giant meteor an astounding 13%.

I’m not sold yet on giant meteor. While I like his plan to wipe out the world’s entire telecommunications and banking systems, plunging the planet into unfathomable chaos, I’m just not sure I’d wanna get a beer with him. Seems like he’d be kinda boring.

[H/T Cass, Via The Indianapolis Star]

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