The Massive Mystery Sea Creature That Washed Up On The Shore Of The Philippines Has Been Identified By Scientists

I know what you’re wondering and I am too: what the fuck is that.

This mammoth sheep dog looking ma’fucka washed up on shore in Cagdainao, Dinagat Islands and appeared on the shore after a 4.4 magnitude earthquake rocked the coast of the Philippines on Sunday.
Some locals believe that the 20-foot sea animal, known by some as a “globster,” is a new species scientists have not yet discovered, but experts are now claiming that the sea monster is the carcass of a large dead whale in the advanced stages of decomposition. The sheep-dog hair is probably muscle fibres being exposed by decay, according to experts.

Scientists studying the blob have since released a statement:

A report yesterday said that the dead body of sea creature was believed to be a Sea Cow or Dugong but the team’s finding is unanimous that it is a whale, or Balyena and confirmed also by the BFAR Personnel, but is uncertain as to what particular whale species due to its advance decomposition.

Whatever this thing is, I want it out of my line of vision immediately.

[h/t Unilad]

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