Girl Accidentally Texts Boyfriend Her Plans To Cheat On Him, Twitter Loses Its Mind When He Shares It



Once again we have yet another reminder that you REALLY need to make sure you have addressed your texts to the person you actually want to send it to and not someone you really don’t.

A week or so ago we had a guy who completely cockblocked himself by sending a text to the wrong person and now we have yet another texting horror story to share.

Today’s tale of woe comes to us from a bro named Jordan McNelly who shared a text message he received from his girlfriend detailing how she was going to have sex with someone who was not him.

Nice hashtag.

Here’s what it says in case you can’t read it or it goes away.

I’m literally so anxious right now… I’ve been seeing this guy behind Jordan’s back and we had really important plans TOMMORROW bc Jordan was suppose to be at work and then he texts me and says I don’t have work TOMMORROW and I don’t wanna let my other guy down and I told him and he was like “I knew you wouldn’t come” and I feel so bad BC I’m letting them both down BC I’m a stupid whore and I’m so sad and I already waxed my entire fucking body to fuck this dude HELP

Needless to say, based on the over 50,000 retweets and over 240,000 likes Jordan has received a LOT of support.

That’s true.

People have also been really trying to find Zoe on Twitter to give her some shit, but have instead been bugging random Zoe’s…

Leading to Jordan having to tweet this…

So what was her excuse? Oh, it was a good one…

That’s definitely one way to handle it, for sure.

H/T LadBible