Watch A Girl Casually Steal Tips Out Of A Pizza Shop’s Tip Jar

Some people have no shame. At the 25-second mark of this video, the girl standing at the counter of a pizza shop on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles dips her hand straight into a full tip jar, stuffing cash into her purse. All the poor pizza guys did was turn around for a couple seconds and she seized the opportunity to rob them blind of their hard-earned tips for the night. It’s a massive bummer and humanity at its very worse. Eater reports that she’s a serial tip thief and one restaurant is offering free tacos for a year if she gets caught:

Overall, she’s made off with hundreds of hard-earned tip dollars. Last Thursday, the thief took the tip jar money from Seoul Sausage, but ended up throwing it back after staff threatened to call the police. Maybe they should have regardless.

After taking off with $50 some dollars in multiple incidents at Komodo, owner Eric Tjahyadi is now offering a year of free tacos to anyone with information that could help stop the perpetrator. If your tip jar has easy access, make sure you secure it or keep an eye for anyone who hangs out near the front counter for a long period of time.

Fighting crime + free tacos. How can you lose? The pizza shop caught her on video, so let’s hope it goes viral so that there’s some sort of justice left in this world.

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