Girl Catches Her Man Cheating. Busts Window Of Side Chick’s Car. Side Chick Runs GF Over With Car.

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What you have here is the classic storybook love story we’ve only dreamed about. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy finds a new girl who will give him a rimjob. Boy likes new girl, but only for sex. Girl finds out about new girl. Girl attacks new girl’s car. New girl runs over girl. Girl might be dead. It’s so Shakespearean it hurts.

This poor gentleman has the tough decision of choosing between an insane girlfriend and murderous side chick. Tough call. On the one side, your girlfriend didn’t direct her anger at you for cheating and instead hurled possibly an iron that busted through the side piece’s car window. On the other hand, the side chick nearly killed the girlfriend by running her over so that she and the boy could be together forever.

But then there is the harsh reality that both of these women could go to prison for attempted murder. If they both go to jail it will make his difficult decision for him, freeing up his schedule to find two new psychopaths. Either way, this dude throws around good D for two women to nearly murder for him.

Also, the girlfriend might want to have her leg checked out by a medical professional, it may have to be amputated.