Girl Freaks After Boyfriend Takes Pizza Without Asking And The Video He Took Of Her Flipping TF Out Has Gone Viral



You don’t fuck with a girl’s food. Ever. I don’t care if it’s poisoned or if the expiration date came and passed six months ago or if you smeared dog shit all over it and she inexplicably hasn’t noticed – you let her eat it. Because if you try to take it away there is a good chance she will fly into an unbridled rage, culminating in a video not very unlike the one Dee Breezy took of his girlfriend, De’ja Davis:

Not gonna lie, Pizza Bolis is pretty “eh” in comparison to other national pizza chains, but that doesn’t mean my fat ass is willing to share a slice with anyone. And while De’ja’s reaction might’ve been a little over the top, this apparently wasn’t the first time that Dee had been a mooch:

#TeamDe’ja4Lyfe, because nothing says “justifiable homicide” like stealing my goddamn food:

[H/T Metro]