Check Out This Girl Who’s Laughing And Too Drunk To Realize Her Mangled Arm Is Broken

Did you ever get so blackout drunk that you fell down all 72 stone steps at the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as seen in Rocky? Yeah, me either. Did you ever get so blackout drunk that you tried to slide down the escalator at the Wheaton Station on the Washington D.C. Metro, which is the longest escalator in the Western hemisphere and the 3rd longest in the world, only to hit every speed bump with your coccyx and fall off face first when you finally get to the end of the escalator? Yea, me either. Did you ever get so blackout drunk that you tripped over your shadow at the Jersey Shore and lacked any and all motor skills to put your hands out to brace your fall that you split your chin open on the pavement and are forced to grow facial hair to hide your nasty scar for the rest of your life? Yea, me either. Well, some people get into horrific accidents when they are inebriated and don’t realize the extent of their mishaps until the next day when they sober up and find themselves in the hospital. Like this gal.

This young lady from Denver, Colorado was having a grand time and enjoying some adult beverages, until suddenly she accidentally injured her arm pretty badly. Her friends took her to the hospital, where she was apparently still so lit from drinking that she didn’t realize that she had broken her arm. In fact, she was so plastered, that she was laughing when her friend snapped a photo of her mangled arm.

I’ll have what she’s having.

Reddit user QuercusPercus uploaded the photo titled “*Drunken* Ignorance is bliss” to Imgur.

Story: This is my roommate, she broke her ulna and dislocated her radius. No health insurance, so I think the bill will be more terrifying than this picture.

Be careful with the drinking bros and ladies or this could happen to you.