Girl Tells Boyfriend If He Wants A BJ He Has To Write An Essay Explaining Why, So Of Course He Does It



As pretty much everyone knows, guys will do just about anything if it means they’ll be getting a blowjob in the end.

One of those people who know this is a girl named Hannah. For you see, Hannah shared the story of how she asked her boyfriend to write a “persuasive essay with a strong thesis statement in MLA format” on why she should give him a BJ.

Naturally, he did it. Was there ever any doubt?

Here’s what he wrote. (Tell me you aren’t impressed after reading it.)

Nice closer.

So did she give him his reward? She didn’t say, but she did tell us this: “FOR THOSE WONDERING: We have been dating for a year. Yes, I do plan on marrying him. No, I didn’t really expect him to write the essay. LOL.”

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