This Girl Makes Over $500 A Week Part-Time Being Hired By Jealous People To Expose Their Cheating Partners Online

You and your girlfriend are out to dinner. Because the both of you are 19 and immature fuckwads, neither of you are actually talking and you’re both just clicking around on your iPhones. You’re playing Candy Crush because, again, you’re a 19-year-old fuckwad who has no manners. Realizing you’re a dick, you put your phone away and ask your girlfriend how her day’s been going. Rather than give you an answer, she says “Hold on, I’m texting someone.”


“No one just hold on.”

And with that bullshit response, you’re now paranoid that she’s texting some hot hunk to meet up and bang while you’re at home jerking off to this month’s issue of Good Housekeeping. Obviously this is an over-the-top scenario, but if you truly were paranoid that your girlfriend was cheating on you there’s always the option of hiring a “honey trap,” aka someone who intentionally flirts with your partner online in order to determine whether or not he/she is open to cheating on you.

This is where Amy Wade comes in.

Amy Wade charges £20-a-week to set traps by sending messages to unsuspecting strays on social media to test if they’re being faithful.

The 28-year-old, from Surrey, works as a honey in her spare time and is given direction from her clients to be as shy or as saucy as they want her to be.(via)

Amy states that she never feels bad about breaking up relationships and that “…clients contact me and they’re usually right to be concerned, if you don’t trust your man then it’s my job to put your mind at ease.” At times she can have over 15 clients a week asking her to flirt with their boyfriends in order to determine whether or not they’re susceptible to becoming cheaters, and while the job sounds like a cakewalk Amy does claim there’s some strategy involved:

“We have to make the situation seem as realistic as possible, I usually tell them I’ve just moved to their area so I’ve been adding random people to try and get to know some new faces.

“Rats always fall for it, and then my client will tell me whether they want me to be suggestive or whether they want the rat to take the lead.

“Some men make it clear from the beginning that they are taken which is refreshing, but most jump at the opportunity to slime over a new girl in town who doesn’t know anyone.

“For just £20-a-week I do my honey trapping in my spare time, on lunch breaks, in the bath, when I’m out with friends.

“I just log on to social media like any other person would and reply to messages when I can, if I replied all of the time it would look suspicious.

“I’d recommend our honey traps to anyone; if you have any worries about your relationship then I’d be glad to help.”(via)

After a predetermined amount of time has passed, the honey pots block and delete the people they’ve been flirting online with and send over all the evidence they’ve gathered to the partner who hired them. The honeys never meet the marks in person or speak to them on the phone. According to, 82% of clients were told their partners were overly flirty, 40% wanted to meet in person and 22% asked to meet up for sex.

Whether or not the service is worth the money is up to you, however if you’re questioning if your partner is a piece of shit and feel the need to hire an external service to gather evidence for or against them, that probably speaks enough for itself.

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