Girl Thought Her Senior Photo Was Pretty Sweet Til Someone Noticed A Giant Dick In The Background



Ah, the senior photo shoot. I remember that. Mine were all pretty awful. Stupid poses. Stupid clothes. Stupid hair. Stupid smile.

That being said, at least I didn’t suffer the same fame as this girl Alexis.

She thought that she had it nailed. A cute picture in front of some colorful graffiti.

But wait… is that.. yeah, that’s a giant dick drawn on the wall!


Photobombed by a “big ass penis.” Never fails.

On the plus side for her, however, is the fact that she’s gone super viral with, as of this writing, over 47,500 retweets and over 275,000 likes. The power of the penis, folks.

Also, thanks to her photo going viral she’s come to find out that she is not alone.


so much better.

H/T Some eCards

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