23-Year-Old Girl In Toronto Is Serial Dating Guys Just So They Buy Her Free Food at Nice Restaurants

Not realizing her intentions, requests from dudes on dating sites came pouring in… 


Poor dudes… Then, on a night she was being wined and dined TWICE, she was found out. He made her split the bill. Justice? Justice… 

“You’re paying” he says. A dark clouds forms above my pretty head and slowly the realization hits. I’m suddenly regretting ordering a second plate of oysters & my new high browed lifestyle comes to a halt. Surprisingly the date continues. Apparently his original plan was to dine & dash leaving me behind bill & all, typical damsel in distress. But he abandoned that plan when he actually started liking me. The rest of the night takes place and ordinary friday night debauchery ensues.

Between split bills, getting caught, actually liking the guy & ending up getting drunk at a jack asters I can safely say I’ve broken all my rules on date 3. What can I say? I’m a sucker for whiskey. Gimme a couple a shots of jack and I will shoot the shit with lake scugog’s finest. I’ve had enough of the petit fours & I’m heading straight for the nachos. Better luck next time hot mess.

So the jig is up, I’ve been caught, wait….wait…there! The camera is just right, close up on my woe is me moment.


Earlier this month, she blogged a little bit about getting “got” and whether or not the experiment was worth it: 

Friend: hah ok so do you EVER like the guys on these dates? would you ever do a round two?
Me: hahah…i actually haven’t liked a single one
Friend: have any of them been good looking?
Me: fuck no, pretty ugly actually mostly 2 & 3’s bro
Friend: well that’s too bad I guess
Me: not really, 2 &3’s will pay for anything..but yeah the dates are weird because there is a sense that the guy knows there is no chance with me so its just bizarre
Friend: do you ever get nervous for the dates?
Me: I usually get a bit nervous before…and i almost always want to not go through with it, like pretty much every time, I usually need to put forth ALOT of energy to make it not awkward. 
So the conclusion is…was it worth my time? Yes. I miss the tartare and all the glamor. I’ve had it with eating chickpea’s from cans in my apartment and stealing sushi from Loblaws. I’ve got to get back on this free meal bandwagon. Life is just to innutritious without all this dating. And yes sometimes in life things don’t come easy, sometimes you need to sacrifice a little good conversation to achieve a much greater goal of lets say… Toronto’s finest Oysters? 

Shortly afterwards, the rest of the Internet found her and the scrutiny started pouring in, especially after a Reddit thread blew up. She addressed her haters: 

So now that I’m internet famous, do you think I can swindle some better looking richer guys to take me out? I hope so because ugh dating is a lot of work and sometimes this happens….that moment when you find out your date wants to talk & get to know you before they consent to dinner. BUSTING MY BALLS. Sorry bro ain’t gonna fly with this biddy. Oh yea & that thing you do where you keep “checking in” with me to make sure I’m having a good time…yah, stop that.

Wait…stop…I’m confused. Am I drowning innocent puppies or am I going on first dates with guys having them pay for my dinners and never calling them again? How about we leave our morals at the door and move onto something a little more interesting and I don’t mean the conversation with my date…


And now the rest of the media is catching up. 

So there you go, Canadian Bros… You’ve been warned.”

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