Bisexual Girl Shuts Down Homophobic Aunt With Mic Drop Of The CENTURY And The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over It

18-year-old Charlotte Wright knows how to hit ‘em where it hurts, and in the case of her homophobic aunt that place is right where her ex-husband happens to be sticking his dick. According to Daily Mail, bisexual Charlotte got into a fight that escalated to the point where her aunt said “at least I don’t have to worry about my kid being a f****t like your mum does”:

Rather than be an adult and apologize to Charlotte, her aunt sent the following text message instead:

Not much of an apology, huh? Instead of taking the insult laying down and getting steamrolled by her family, Charlotte sent the following in response:

“I saw uncle Lee with his new girlfriend, she’s 20 years younger than you right? Speak soon!”


Unfortunately for Charlotte all actions have consequences, and it’s looking like she may need to find a new family soon:

Not that it should be hard for her by any stretch of the imagination – Twitter is already in uproar over what a boss Charlotte is:

[H/T Daily Mail]