Girl High On Wisdom Teeth Drugs Goes Home Crying That She Didn’t Wake Up With Bigger Boobs (VIDEO)

“I can barely fill a B cup” says Shelby through muffled sobs underneath her hoodie. Well you know what Shelby? Fuck off. I can barely fill an A cup and you don’t see me crying about it. That’s life. Sometimes you have giant tits like your friend Michelle and other times men mistake you for being a 12-year-old when you wear a bikini at the beach. It’s okay though, because eventually Michelle will get old and her tits will sag to the floor, while you’re over here in the itty bitty titty committee not havin’ a single issue with people thinking you look like a deflated cow.

In other words: quit your bitchin’ Shelby no one wants to hear it.

[H/T Mirror]