Gangster’s Girlfriend Arrested After Transporting Guns For Him, Police Find ‘Provocative’ Selfies Of Her With AK-47’s On Phone


metropolitan police

Today at Harrow Crown Court 25-year-old Caitlin Adams and five of the other six members of her gang were sentenced to 45 years total in prison for selling weapons in the underground market. According to Daily Mail, the “ringleader” of the group was 26-year-old Ishmael Brown from behind bars with a secret mobile phone, and his fellow inmate helped make sales “on the outside”:

Former Polish soldier Bart Pawlowski, 43, was recruited by the gang for his metalworking skills, and was able to manufacture ammunition and reactivate the weapons at his workshop in Wandsworth.

Pawlowski received no reduction due to his not guilty plea and was jailed for 13 years for the same charge.

Uzair Patel was jailed for five years for possession of a prohibited weapon, and received a concurrent eight-month sentence for possession of ammonia.(via)

Brown was already serving seven years for a kidnapping charge, but today was sentenced to another 12 years in jail. As for his girlfriend, Caitlin Adams, she was sentenced to 10…but not before the police discovered what’s being described as a “provocative” photo on her phone:


metropolitan police

Is this what arms dealers do in their spare time? Update their Instagrams with pictures of them wearing guns and spandex? I suppose it makes for a “unique” photo since not all your average Joes own AK-47’s, but still. Do JUST a little less and maybe you wouldn’t have gotten caught, hm?

[H/T Daily Mail]

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