Women Are Coating Their Nails With Fur And We Should Probably Question It

Dare to try this bizzare furry nails trend, Girls? #nailart #furrynails #trend #beautytrend #runwaytrends

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Alright bros I thought we hit rock bottom when we crossed over from the very much never so understandable man-bun phase (still not trying to grow one) to the man braid vomit stain on humanity shit, but apparently we didn’t go far enough. The latest disgrace out the ludicrous spewing factory happens to be a fur manicured nightmarish hellishly crafted disasterpiece. Wow, is right. Really take a good long look at that, and ask yourselves are we such weak, malformed males to end up at this point?

I don’t know, but I’ll let you be the judge on whether embracing the women whom have let themselves go to this point are worth it.