Gape With Envious Eyes At This Glorious Dick Cloud

This cloud had everyone talking when it dominated the sky in Miami because it looked like a dong. There is a certain amazement over anything that isn’t a penis that looks like a penis.

Let’s see how many juvenile dick puns we can come up about this majestic cloud dick.

  • This cloud is going to be hard to beat.
  • Everyone is so horny, even the sky is sending dick pics.
  • Golden showers.
  • If it rains, there is going to be a mess.
  • There’s a flash flood in your mom’s panties.
  • The sky is getting shafted.
  • Cloudy with a chance of balls.
  • Full frontal weather system.
  • Looks like Miami is going to get more than three inches.
  • Here comes the cloudburst.
  • This cloud is getting blown.
  • Mother nature wants the D.
  • Enjoy the length of this cloud before the cold front comes in.
  • “For some reason, I don’t know why. I would just kinda… sit around all day… and create clouds of dicks.” – God probably
  • It’s obviously cumulus clouds.
  • But maybe it is a cumulonimbus cloud.
  • The hole in the ozone is about to get plugged.
  • “I had planned on going to the beach, but looks like the weather is going to fuck me over again.”
  • For storms lasting longer than four hours see a meteorologist.
  • This is cloud nine for your mom.
  • I’ve only heard of ball lightning, but this is where I surmise that it comes from.
  • Forget chemtrails, truthers need to recognize cumtrails.
  • Teabagging the trees sounds hurty.

Post your peen puns in the comments.