Hot Gold Digging Girl Rejects Scruffy Guy, Flirts With Man In A Suit Until She Finds Out Scruffy Guy Is His ‘Boss’

Is there any question that the girl in this video is a gold digging piece of trash? No. But just to be fair to her, you’ve gotta admit that the two dudes’ different approaches really do make a difference. For one, who the fuck is going to agree to hang out with a guy wearing pajama pants and a Hawaiian shirt within 10 seconds of meeting him? He sounds and looks delusional. The guy in the suit, however, took a less aggressive approach and asked to sit with her, hang out a bit, isn’t dressed like a fucking homeless person, etc.

That’s not to say that this chick isn’t a pile of crap – she totally is. The fact that she goes up to the initially scruffy guy and tries to get back into his good graces at the end just solidifies her place in Shitbags in History Walk of Fame…but wow, are people really that thirsty? That shallow? The optimist in me hopes she’s just an actress, but who knows? Sometimes people are just downright awful.