20 Years Ago Today A Gorilla Saved A Child’s Life At Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo

May we never forget Harambe, Patron Saint of the Knuckledraggers, so viciously and selflessly executed in public view at the Cincinnati Zoo on May 28, Year Of Our Lord 2016.

After the incident happened in May, Paul told you — fellow disciples of the BroBible — about Binti Jua, another zoo gorilla with a very different fate. Today is the 20-year anniversary of when Binti Jua saved a child’s life after it fell in the gorilla pen at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo.

Back on August 16, 1996, another 3-year-old boy fell into the gorilla exhibit at the Brookfield Zoo, outside of Chicago. The young boy’s fall caused him to lose consciousness. An 8-year-old female gorilla named Binti Jua noticed the visitor and walked over to him. The ape, who had her own baby on her back, picked up the child and carried him to safety.

The boy was rushed to the hospital and made a full recovery.

Here is video of the daring rescue:

But it’s important to note some differences between Binti Jua and Harambe, as Paul oh-so-importantly points out:

The child was unconscious, so he may not have been perceived as a threat to the gorilla. Meanwhile, last weekend’s boy was awake and moving.

Binti Jua was raised by humans, so she was more “people-oriented.”

Harambe was forcefully dragging the 3-year-old boy.

The Cincinnati Zoo director claims that Harambe “could crush a coconut in one hand.”

Celebrity zookeeper Jack Hanna said the zoo “made the correct decision” and agreed with them 1000 percent. He added that a tranquilizer shot would have aggravated the animal even further.

Let us never forget Harambe’s sacrifice. He’s probably throwing back some brews with Binti Jua in gorilla heaven, gloating about who is the more revered ape. Fortunately he is with us in our hearts forever.

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