An Incensed Gorilla Taught A Little Girl How To Give The Finger. Awww!

Gorillas are extremely similar to that of humans, we share approximately 98 percent of the same DNA. The resemblance is so eerie that they even share the same sentiment when some annoying little random girl starts bugging you.

Adorable 3-year-old Riley Madison decided to be best friends with a gorilla at the Columbus Zoo. The annoyed primate wasn’t having it. While he might be locked away in a zoo, he refused to be a performing clown for lil Riley. He gives Riley the finger the whole time when she’s trying to play with him. The little girl learns the new gesture and proudly shows off her new “Fuck you” gesture. Who knew that one of the most important life lessons this girl would learn in her life would be taught to her by a big ass monkey.

Something tells me if 3-inches of glass wasn’t separating this adorable little girl and this 400-pound beast with superhuman strength and sharp canine teeth, this would be a much, much different video. Instead of being a video you could send your aunt Abigail, it would be in the mature content on Liveleak.


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