Can You Guess the Twist Ending of This Russian Road Rage Fight?

If you guessed, “the Russian bro who started the fight will get his ass kicked and his fake arm ripped off,” congratulations, you’ve totally already seen this video.

Two Russian guys in an Audi, who were certainly rushing to get wherever they were going (sorry), were trying to back out of a street, but were boxed in by the guys in the green car. Words were exchanged, I’m sure not nice ones, and the two Audi guys decided to settle things the way everything is settled in Russia -a savage beating.

The dude who caught the video on his dashcam, Yuri Stepanovich told the Daily Mail, “it was really funny.” No shit, dude, sweet color commentary.

But here’s where the plot thickens, as the guys in the green car weren’t some two-bit punks. They manage to turn the tables on our two friends, and before you know it, they’re getting their asses and arms handed to them. This definitely proves the old adage, “Never bring one arm to a two arm fight.”