Guess Which State Smokes The Most Weed?

The latest National Survey On Drug Use And Health was released, which I know everyone was waiting for with bated breath, and the statistics for statewide marijuana use were both interesting and unsurprising.

Let’s discuss what we learned –

1. The state that smokes the most amount of weed (percentage-wise) is Rhode Island. At 13%, that means that 1 in 8 Rhode Islanders puff on the silly cigarette. What the hell is going on in Rhode Island? When they’re not getting stoned off their asses, they’re tweeting about lifting. Those two things seem to be in direct contrast with each other. Or maybe they get stoned and then pump out a lift. Strange state.

2. Rounding out the top four were – 2. Alaska (12.97%), 3. Vermont (12.86%), 4. Oregon (12.16%). Prettay prettay chill group.

3. The states pulling up the rear were 50. Kansas (4.06%) 49. Utah (4.41%) 48. Louisiana (4.62%). These stats beg the question – can we finally crown Kansas as the worst state in the country? If you live there and are reading this, can you please comment as to something that your state has going for it?

4. Nationally, 7% of Americans over the age of 12 smoke weed regularly. I want to see what the national average is for Americans under the age of 12. That’s the real interesting figure.

5. 18-25 year-olds smoke the most amount of weed. *high-fives person next to you* About 19% of 18-25 year-olds have smoked within the past month. That statistic is not adjusted for the kids who lied to the survey-taker in order to look cool in front of their friends.

6. Out of 18-25 year-olds, people in Vermont smoke the most dope, with 33% (1 in 3 for you math whizzes!) smoking the skunky smoke. No wonder their state economy is entirely Ben & Jerry and maple syrup based.

7. Out of 12-17 year-olds, Vermont also takes the title with 13.36% indulging in the whimsical weed. Vermont should change their state slogan to “Vermont – Our Kids Smoke Mad Weed”.

8. The South has the lowest overall rate of weed drug puffers at 5.83 percent. I blame Jesus.

Head to the Washington Post to check out the rest of the stats and see where your state ranks. I bet you Vermont kids will have an especially fun time with it because you’re probably stoned and will enjoy the colors.