This Guy Was Arrested For Stalking A Couple. Why? Because They Were Aliens In A Spaceship, Duh.

by 5 years ago

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Jay Ward is your average dude. He owns a house. Has a girlfriend. You know, normal shit…oh and he’s also an alien that drives around in a spaceship. Or at least according to scholarly meth head James Bushart he is.

“A Bryant man was arrested after police say he followed a couple around town harassing and threatening them because he thought the car was a spaceship and the driver was an alien…When police stopped Bushart, he was found with meth, a pipe used to smoke meth and charged with DWI and Disorderly Conduct.”

This whole thing just seems like a simple misunderstanding. Clearly Bushart is just a disgruntled MIB agent with a casual meth problem. Doing meth is probably a job requirement anyway when you’re stuck working with the Fresh Prince of Bel Air for 40 hours a week, especially on bring your child to work day when he brings his shithead kid around.

According to the police report Bushart claimed he was curious about the car because “it looked like a futuristic machine.” At one point he also told police that “he was a very big deal and had 100,000 Asian flowers.”

Via Fox 16

Either “100,000 Asian flowers” is some sort of safe-word for MIB agents, or the dude is legitimately fucked in the head. My bet is on the former.

Check out the news report below.

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