Guy Asks The Internet To Photoshop His Hot Girlfriend Holding A Bigger Fish And The Internet Ran With It

by 4 years ago
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the chive

So this dude and his girlfriend go on a fishing trip. She’s hot. Like really hot. Like I love her. Anyhoo, they’re out in the boat with their rods in the water probably having a shitty time because she’s secretly in love with me and it’s becoming a tension point in their relationship when suddenly a different kind of tension on her rod!!! She reels this stubborn sea monster in for days or even months or okay, just a couple seconds and she’s disappointed in it’s underwhelming size. Babe, you’re going to have to get used to that feeling if we’re going to be together. But this little shrimp couldn’t feed an Olsen twin.

Regardless of her dismay with the catch, she poses proudly with the fish for a picture (above), thinking that would be the end of it. Oh we’re just getting started, babe. Because her boyfriend (soon to be ex) jumped online and asked the internet to photoshop a bigger fish in his girlfriend’s hand. Either this dude is beyond stupid for trusting the internet to do exactly what he says without it completely flying over the handle bars or he’s a goddamn genius for evoking these results. Regardless, he doesn’t deserve her, I do. Hell I would have dived in for her and not come up for air until I lassoed Free Willy with my bare fucking hands. Just saying, cupcake.

Anyway, the internet had a goddamn field day with this picture and my life is better for it.

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dick fish

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Internet: 1
Dude Who’s About To Get Dumped Because I’m A Better Fit For Her: 0

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