Dude Jumps Off The Dock And Wrestles A Live Shark While His Friends Go Nuts

by 2 years ago

Was this a good idea? Definitely not. Did it all work out well in the end? I suppose, unless you’re the shark who will spend the rest of his life wondering just what in the fuck happened that day he got too close to the dock. Will this make for a great story for the rest of that dude’s life? Hell yes it will.

That shark was way too small to be considered lethal, but it still could’ve done some flesh damage with razor sharp teeth. Beyond that, it’s never cool to harass baby animals. Not that I’m advocating jumping in the water and wrestling a 6-foot shark, I’m just saying that it’s kind of fucked up to mess with baby animals in the name of showing off in front of your friends.

I came across this video after it was tweeted by @TFM, but the dude in the video is actually this guy, Alex Winn (@alexftwinn). It was filmed/geotagged at the Oyster Plant Park in Poulsbo, Washington, not too far across the bay from Seattle. It all kind of reminds me of this bro who jumped in the shark tank at the Atlantis Resort and Casino back on Spring Break. If you haven’t seen that yet, check it out.

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