Guy Admits To Drugging His GF With Sedatives In Order To Keep Playing Video Games

A 23-year-old gamer has been fined by the courts after admitting to drugging his (now ex) girlfriend with sedatives so that he could have more time to play video games. After a long day of work the victim just wanted to kick back with her boyfriend and have a quiet night, he on the other hand wanted to play video games. So instead of just communicating that to her he dropped “four or five” drops of liquid sleeping pills into her tea, knocking her out until the next afternoon, all while he went about playing his games.

Somehow after admitting to a judge that he drugged his ex-girlfriend this dude’s avoiding any sort of jail time, and is only getting hit with a relatively insignificant fine of $552 (€500).

The Local (Germany) reports:

“I only put four or five drops into her tea,” the man told the court in Castrop-Rauxel as he admitted to the crime, the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung reported.
On an evening in August 2014, he was playing on his games console with a friend when his (now ex-) girlfriend arrived at home at around 10pm.
After ten hours at work, she had understandably been planning on having a quiet evening rather than one punctuated by the clatter of machine-gun fire or computerized commentators screaming over a non-existent football game.
The woman slept until midday the following day after drinking the drugged tea.

“Then I got up and drove to work although I was nodding off again and again,” the 24-year-old told the judge.
An analysis of the girlfriend’s hair showed that she had been under the influence of those drugs just once, at the time when her ex slipped them into her drink.
“Your girlfriend slept long and deeply, which didn’t harm her, but this is certainly a premeditated bodily harm,” the judge said as he sentenced the man to pay a €500 fine.
“It was stupid, but now I’m on a straight path,” the ex-boyfriend said, adding that he had been off drugs for 10 months and would soon begin an apprenticeship.

Is this really the state of the judicial system in Germany? People are getting away with drugging other people simply by stating that they themselves were in fact on drugs at the time? I thought Germany was supposed to be a pretty enlightened country these days, no?

I’d like to think that if this were to happen in the United States the person doing the drugging would likely spend time behind bars, and not merely have to fork over the cost of a single night at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in fines….

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