Guy Gets The PokeTurds Tased Out Of Him After Refusing To Leave Park After Dark Because He Was Playing Pokemon Go

David T. Mostrototaro-Baermude isn’t just a man with an outrageously complicated last name, he’s a guy with principles. What principles those are I can’t say for sure, but one of them is apparently “Gotta catch’em all!” as this past Thursday night he was arrested for not complying with police after he was instructed to leave Ballast Point Park in Florida. Why didn’t he leave?

Dude’s too busy catching Pokemon, duh:

At 10:30 p.m. Thursday night officers responded to Ballast Point Park in response to a complaint of trespassers in the park after closing time. When officers arrived they observed about 150 people still in the park playing the virtual game Pokémon GO.

Everyone was instructed to leave and all complied except for David T. Mastrototaro-Baermude. Officers asked him to leave the park several more times and he refused to do so. Officers then attempted to arrest the defendant for trespassing after warning at which time the defendant grabbed an officer’s arm and pushed off.(via)

Mostrototaro-Baermude continued to resist arrest, coming close to pulling one officer to the ground when finally, sick of his shit, an officer used his Taser and was able to arrest him with ease (well, relative ease at that point) for Trespassing After Warning and Resisting Arrest.

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