This Guy Got An Amazing Tattoo While He Was Drunk. Just Kidding! It’s The Worst Goddamn Thing Imaginable

A few days ago, Miguel Perez woke up with a new addition to his body.  It was a tattoo. It was a very bad tattoo. It was a very bad tattoo that runs the length of his entire forearm. It was a very bad tattoo that runs the length of his entire forearm that reads “I HEART PORNHUB.”

Anyone else — myself included — might have run to the local ACE Hardware store to get bleach and a belt sander, but not Miguel Perez. Nope. Dude just took it all in stride. Saw it as an opportunity to tweet at Pornhub and ask them for a free premium subscription.


I hope that “gift” is more than the free t-shirts Pornhub has sent BroBible for doing way less than permanently marking our bodies proclaiming our undying love for the smut services they provide.

From the looks of the tattoo, it would appear that he had a friend grab a kitchen knife, make a free-hand carving into his arm and then pour red ink into the wound. But according to Perez, who told LabBible the entire story, that wasn’t the case.

Basically it was a Friday night. I’d just got back from work and it was payday so we went for a few drinks. Me and my flatmate went out but the last part of the night I remember is getting in a taxi.

My flatmate has a tattoo gun and has a few tattoos on his arm. He has done a smiley face before on my arm.

The first thing I did was send a picture to my mum. She wasn’t impressed.

How about that? His mom isn’t impressed that her son has I Heart Pornhub tattooed on his fucking arm. No way he could have anticipated that reaction.

[H/T LadBible]