Watching This Guy Have Virtual Sex With A Plastic Doll Will Either Make You Laugh Or Want To Hurl

virtual sex

YouTube - zeroyon01

We might not be able to officially have sex with robots. YET! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to have sex with things other than with another, you know, human being.

As we are WELL AWARE, there are things like Oculus Rift and virtual porn that are now here to help us get our rocks off.

We just usually don’t expect to see someone doing this at what appears to be a trade show in front of a bunch of other dudes. Only in Japan.

According to the person that posted the video, the virtual sex game this guy is playing is currently being called “Space Battleship Girlfriend” because that makes 100% sense.

There’s also an iPhone embedded inside the doll with sensors to locate exactly where and how, uh, “the work” is being done.

The only real saving grace to this video is the fact that the guy doesn’t actually have his junk out. Oh, and sweet Sailor Moon outfit. Nice touch.

I know I am going to be having nightmares about this, I just know it…

H/T Happy Place

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