Guy Hears Wife Scream, Jumps Out Of Bed But Trips Down Stairs And Has The Unthinkable Happen To His Nutsack



Tl;dr: watch where you’re going.

Un-tl;dr: don’t be lazy and leave work tools out on the ground where there’s a possibility that you could trip over one and wind up tearing your nutsack apart. Why? I just told you — according to Redditor SexyShafter, you could tear your nutsack apart.

I’m currently remodeling alot of my house and last night I started sanding and pulling nails in our stairwell. So as a nude sleeper I hear my wife screaming at 6:00am and being the good husband I am I fly out from under the blanket on my bed and start making my way down the stairs only to trip over the hammer my lazy ass left out. At this point I’m in full somersault mode and after falling for what felt like 15 seconds I came to a crashing halt but I could feel this overwhelming pain and started calling for help. When I started checking myself I realized what had happened my ballsack had caught a loose nail and torn completely open , I had a perfect window into them and when I stood up one of my balls were falling out of the sack.

Here is the kicker, On the way to the hospital I asked her why she screamed “oh….I saw a spider”. I just left the ER with 18 stitches.

[Via Reddit]