Guy From Tulsa Steals A Cop Car, Leads The Cops On A High-Speed Car Chase, And Streams It All On Facebook Live

I want to be clear that I in no way condone this guy stealing a cop car, but I also want to be upfront and say that we need to recognize this as a pretty f’n legendary stunt. He broke the law and he’s already been arrested and thrown back in jail, but he’s also just become the first person to steal a cop car and live stream it on Facebook….and I’m not saying he was on meth, but I’m also going to point out how manic he is.

And I’m baffled at how he was able to somehow elude the officers chasing him. I’ve seen probably 50+ high-speed car chases live on the news and I can’t say that I’ve ever seen the driver actually get away. Maybe the fact that he was driving a cruiser just like the pursuing officers made the chase all the more confusing, who knows?

For those of you wonder if this is fake, it’s not. John Pinney, 25, is now in jail after being arrested at his mother’s house. In total, the chase lasted around 40 minutes and at times they were riding up to 120-mph, and Pinney’s now facing 9 charges in total including not wearing a seatbelt.

…(h/t r/videos via newson6)…