This Guy’s Special Talent Is Expertly Making Animal Noises… And Holding Pencils Behind Both Of His Ears

Animal Sound Man, as the YouTube video affectionately calls him, practices his animal sounds every day. Does he profit from all of this hard work? Definitely not. He’s just squawking and squeaking and shit for the love of the game. He’s pretty good at it, too.

What I want to know, though, is what gives with the double pencils behind the ears? He looks slick as fuck carrying them that way — I’m not questioning that — but why two? How many standardized tests is he taking each day to require two, fully sharpened pencils?

Like I said, it’s a fresh look. However, I would argue is taking away from his animal sound talents. Hard to concentrate on his impression of a dying goat when I can’t stop thinking about #2 pencils.